documentary short film / 2014 / 17’

Terrified by death, at nighttime men pray till the sun rise. Although the inescapable destiny the Fate set, every nightfall the prayer keeps being said, and propitiatory fires burn on the ridge of a mountain for the night go by again. Christian religion forges our imaginary. Even secular we are fascinated by rituals as seductive and evocative practices. The film aims to create a personal and imaginary liturgia, which represents religion as an unceasing and circular reaction to the fear of death.

director Pierpaolo Filomeno cinematographer Giovanni Benini editor Pierluca Ditano sound recordist Pierluca Ditano sound design Pierpaolo Filomeno Pierluca Ditano produced by ZeLIG / Autonome Provinz Bozen / BLS Sudtirol Alto Adige


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