Fusciatinn what?
mixed-media installation / 2018

developed by Pierluca Ditano Michela Tomasi Luca Vianello Marco Montanaro Peppe Frisino during an artist residency in Bitonto (Bari) between May and July 2018 produced by Camera a Sud / Ulixes / SIAE / MiBACT

The installation consists of digital-super16 videos, soundscapes, printed images on blue-back paper, a book and textual remixes.

Zona 167, a quarter in Bitonto (Bari), was known at the time for heavy matters: a war between two criminal clans, an ‘accidental’ killing of an old lady leaving a church, drug dealing, the arrest of a fugitive boss. Beyond this stigma, we have looked for and brought back stories and specific situations which could keep all the rawness and the contrasts of the place, starting from its architecture: young girls dancing at a catechism party, kids playing with boars traps, three fingers cut off to build an altar for devotion, an underwater fight against a 7kg octopus, VIPs-like posing, low planes and football supporters’ hands up to the sky, rubbish and community spaces.

exhibited at Tiefkollectiv2 in Bolzano / Bozen

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I’m hungry for the power, loop, 3:2, 3’02’’

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